Crystal Energy Sessions

Crystal Energy SessionsDenyse is now conducting crystal energy sessions. Denyse is a natural with the stones, is a Reiki Master/Teacher and has been working with Derren Robb in sessions. Her session will consist of the individual setting up to three things they wish to work on and she will use her intuition, the crystals, reiki and singing bowl to help assist the individual to receive maximum benefit from each and every session.

Cost is $100. Appointments are required.

Amethyst Bio-Mat Sessions

testThe bio-mat is filled with amethyst and tourmaline to help balance and stabilize your energy. It generates infrared rays creating a heat to help aid in the relaxation and rejuvenation.

Your session takes place in a relaxing candle lit room. The mat is placed on the massage table where you will lay comfortably during your session. You can choose to listen to relaxing music or a meditation designed for use with the bio-mat. You may even bring your own CD with you. It is best to dress comfortably and to bring water to hydrate afterwards.

30 minutes for $25.00 | 45 minutes for $40.00 | 60 minutes for $55.00

Appointments are required.

Cellular Release Sessions

Cellular Release SessionsOur body carries the cellular memories from this life time and all other life times. Sometimes these memories become trapped in the body limiting us or causing dis-ease. During this session you will lay comfortably on a massage table with the heated bio-mat. Essential oils may be place on your body as well as crystals and other energy tools. Some light Reiki and energy work will be one. You will listen to a CD that guides you through releasing past memories.

Sessions approximately one hour. Cost is $100.00. Appointments are required.

Reiki Classes

Reiki ClassesReiki is taught in a simple and non complicated fashion tailored to meet your individual needs. Reiki is taught in four levels. Levels I through III teach the history, various energy techniques to use on yourself and others, distant healing, chakras, and the Reiki symbols. I also incorporate other useful information and modalities to help you create a stronger practice. Handouts are included for each level. At the end of each session you receive your attunement and a certificate of completion. Level IV is for those who wish to become and Reiki Teacher. In this class you learn how to pass attunements and receive your final attunement and certificate. Each level of Reiki increases you vibration, sensitivity to energy and can open you up more intuitively.

Reiki is spiritual in nature but is not a religion. There is nothing you must believe in to learn Reiki nor do you have to give up any beliefs. Because Reiki works with the Universal Life Force Energy/God, many people find that Reiki puts them more in touch with their spirituality.

Reiki classes are taught individually or in group settings. I have various times available during the day, evening or some Saturdays. Often during teaching or attunements messages will be brought to you from your guides offering you guidance and support for this part of your journey.

Level I is $125.00 |  Level II is $150.00 | Level III is $175.00 | Teacher Training is $200.00

I was first attuned to reiki over 17 years ago and have practiced it since then. I became a Reiki Master Teacher over 10 years ago and have taught Reiki to all age groups since then. I have continually studied various energy modalities both in the US and outside the country and read extensively on various topics to help increase my ability as well as understanding energy work and the powerful effects it can have on us.

Taught by Jan Van Natta, MSW, RMT

Reiki Sessions

Reiki SessionsReiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction, relaxation and to help promote the body returning to its natural state of wellness. Reiki treats the whole person, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself and works in conjunction with other medial or therapeutic techniques.
Reiki treatments have been shown to help in a reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, pain a weakened immune system and much more. May people find it helps them move through life transitions with greater ease.
Your session will last approximately 50 to 60 minutes. You will be in a private room that is softly light with relaxing music playing. You will lie down on a massage table fully clothed. The table is heated with an Amethyst Bio-Mat that helps you relax and aids in the removal of toxins using infrared rays. The Reiki is administered with either hands on or hands above the body.
Your session will include various techniques such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Deeksha Blessings, Shamanic techniques, crystals, essential oils, energy tools as well as other methods I have learned. When I work on people it is very common for me to receive messages for them. These messages can be in regards to your health, your life journey, blockages to achieving goals, past lives, deceased relatives may come in or you may get a visit from you guides and angels. The messages are delivered in a loving, supportive and compassionate environment.

Cost for Reiki sessions is $100.00.

All sessions done by Jan Van Natta, MSW, RMT

Intuitive Readings, Mediumship, Classes and Private Parties by Jan Van Natta

intuitive readings and partiesI was born with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, the ability to communicate with the other side and am highly empathic. I have been professionally doing readings for over 15 years. I am very passionate about using these abilities to help people by giving them guidance and insights to assist them on their paths. I am able to access past lives. I provide messages in a safe, loving, compassionate and supportive way. I also use my background as a mental health clinician to help provide guidance and deeper understanding for those who are open to it.

Often after someone has transitioned to the other side people want to make sure they are happy and doing well. Sometimes there are unanswered questions or things that were left unsaid. Connecting with the other side can often help people find peace and closure and move forward.

All readings are confidential. Readings may be recorded.

Costs for readings are $25.00 for each 15 minutes. You may request a reading for up to 2 hours. For phone or e-mail readings there is a $5.00 charge for any length of time.

Even though I was born with these abilities I continue to work to develop these skills by taking classes, workshops, training with various teachers in the US and outside the US as well as reading on various topics.


Interested in hosting a night of intuitive readings at your house, a corporate event, birthday party, bachelorette party, or other events? I have been doing events for over 8 years.

All that is required is a private space to do the readings in and a minimum of $250.00 guaranteed. Readings are $25.00 for each 15 minutes. I am available to read for up to 6 hours. A travel fee is added for trips that are 50 miles or more one way.


Interested in learning how to develop your intuition? I teach individual classes as well as groups. Call for prices.