Reiki Classes


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Reiki is taught in a simple and non complicated fashion tailored to meet your individual needs. Reiki is taught in four levels. Levels I through III teach the history, various energy techniques to use on yourself and others, distant healing, chakras, and the Reiki symbols. I also incorporate other useful information and modalities to help you create a stronger practice. Handouts are included for each level. At the end of each session you receive your attunement and a certificate of completion. Level IV is for those who wish to become and Reiki Teacher. In this class you learn how to pass attunements and receive your final attunement and certificate. Each level of Reiki increases you vibration, sensitivity to energy and can open you up more intuitively.

Reiki is spiritual in nature but is not a religion. There is nothing you must believe in to learn Reiki nor do you have to give up any beliefs. Because Reiki works with the Universal Life Force Energy/God, many people find that Reiki puts them more in touch with their spirituality.

Reiki classes are taught individually or in group settings. I have various times available during the day, evening or some Saturdays. Often during teaching or attunements messages will be brought to you from your guides offering you guidance and support for this part of your journey.