batch_IMG_0836It is really difficult to say when this journey really began because there never was that defining”AHA” moment that some people experience. It was more of a gradual unfolding of events that wove the path.

While at a workshop in Baton Rouge I went to lunch with several other participants and we wandered into a New Age Store. As we were looking around a woman from the class asked me if I had ever thought I would own a store like the one we were standing in. I laughed and said I did not think so, yet something about what she said felt true. Once back home I shared this information with some family and friends and thought it would just go away. Yet, over time the signs continued to guide me on this path of opening a store.

Through a series of events I found out about a trade show for store like the one I had visited in Baton Rouge. I felt guided to attend this show in Florida. I somehow knew that if I went to that show I would know if this was the path I was to take. Like all journeys I had some obsticals to over come but things fell into place. The first day at the show a vender came up to me and proceeded to do an intuitive reading telling me “when you open your store…..”. That was another step on the path to bringing forth the store.

As I continued to follow the guidance, it became clear we were to do fairs, events and expos. We started ordering product and storing in the basement of our home. Then we were guided to set up a virtual store. This was just another step along the path until the store manifested in September of 2005.

We are commmited to providing services and products to help assist people on their journey through life.

Thank you for supporting us on our sacred journey and we look forward to supporting you on Your Sacred Journey.

Jan, Denyse and The Staff of Your Sacred Journey